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Speed equipment used in Phil Campbell's
speed training films:

1. Acceleration Ladder is use to teach athletes how to eliminate
two unnecessary steps taken by most athletes during the first ten yards.

click to see the Power Stride ladder from Power-Systems.com
Phil recommends adjusting the slats on the acceleration ladder to the white markers
for most athletes & red markers for young athletes.

2. Overspeed Trainer used during speed training
Phil recommends using the option: "Speed Harness w/Std (standard) Belts
& Heavy Tubing (YELLOW) shown at the link here

.Click to see The Overspeed Trainer usesd by Phil Campbell during his speed training and speed camps at Power-Systems.coms.


3. Pro Agility Ladder used during speed training film

Option: Economy agility ladder here
(good for most individual and small group training purposes)

Attention Football Receivers
Phil Campbell highly recommends Raymond Berry's Receiving Fundamentals
Click here for info

BASEBALL Yard Balls for Perfect Practice
Because you play like you practice...
Yard Balls are limited distance, practice balls designed for baseball and softball.
Slightly smaller than a regulation baseball, lightweight, yet heavy enough
to throw just like a regular baseball/softball.

Click here to visit the Yard Balls Website

PressBox1.com - Jim Steele's Sports Website covering sports in WT

The Riekes Center for Human Enhancement - Premier West Coast Training facility.
This Center is not only the best in Sports training, the Center is teaching the world how to mentor children,
teens and young adults through athletic fitness, creative arts, and nature studies.
Premier West Coast Speed - Strength Training facility.

Phil Campbell highly recommends the Dave Ellis Fueling Tactics Sports Nutrition System at
- teaching strategies to help athletes outwork the competition.
Phil Campbell highly recommends Dave Ellis Fueling Tactics  Sports Nutrition System DVD


For more information on Phil Campbell's book on fitness
improvement click the book cover below.
Click here to see Phil Campbell's fitness book Ready Set GO Synergy Fitness    

40 Speed Green T
Click on shirt to see info on ordering a Speed Green T Shirt


Makoto equipment is training the brain to move the body faster


Highly RECOMMENDED book on speed development,
click cover for details
Phil Campbell highly recommends Earl Fee's book

Performance-boosting Speedsoles - RECOMMENDED,
especially for athletes who train on hard surfaces
Phil Campbell highly recommends Speedsoles

Click here to learn more about Successful Coaching

Highly recommended sports speed training equipment


The Speed Factory - Speed training for the serious athlete - Mississauga ON, Canada
SportSpecific.com     More Links here

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