Hardin County Football team doing plyometrics

40Speed Shows You How  

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SPEED CAMP shows you how to:

Improve athletic performance by increasing your speed, agility, and quickness through cutting edge training principles & techniques

Improve athletic performance by developing the fast (IIa) and super-fast (IIx) muscle fiber in key muscle groups necessary for speed & quickness

Improve athletic performance by simultaneously developing technique, speed & strength

Speed, Strength and Technique is what we teach to athletes preparing for high school sports, D-1 Sports, and pro-level sports requiring running speed.

Speed Training is perfect for the Off Season
Jump start the off season with speed training and define your training priorities
where they count . . . Get faster!

Championships are won in the off season!- Pat Summit
(after winning her 7th national basketball championship)

Brandon Calhoun (6'3" 190 lb, 4.5, WR & 200 meter sprinter, HS Jr) and dad Ron,
make father son trip from Louisiana for speed training.

Equipment Needed for Speed Camp
SHOES: lightweight running shoes like racing flats (shocks are not recommended)
IDEAL: cross-country/indoor track shoes, and track spikes.

(A low heel shoe will strengthen Achilles tendons).

New Nike Free "barefoot" running shoes are recommended for speed workouts
Indoor/outdoor cross-county flats and spikes are also very positive for speed training

Clothing ~Summer ~  Shorts, T-shirt, socks, bring warm-up on cool days.
                   ~ Winter ~ Long sweats, long sleeve loose shirt. Dress warm.
Bring your favorite bottled water or sports drink

kathy@40speed.com or call Kathy 408 363-4040

Lim asked me to e-mail Phil to let him know that he has gotten his 40-speed time down to a 4.56 already. His coaches are excited because they couldn't figure out why his 40 time was so slow and his agility time so good. We sincerely thank you two for helping us this summer by working him in. I truly believe that Phil helped him to achieve a goal that he thought he could not reach. To move from running a 5.0 to a 4.56 in such a short time as done wonders for his confidence level. He says that he is going to reach a 4.4 and I believe that he will. Again, thanks for all of your help.
- Adrienne Windham

Track and soccer standout Katie Hayes does Phil Campbell's Killer Leg Routine once a week during the season for strength and endurance
Katie Hayes
, high school Sophomore at USJ improves soccer speed with Speed Coach Phil Campbell's speed, flexibility & strength programs, wins the state in the mile and brings home three medals during the Tennessee Track & Field Championships. She was named

All State in soccer Junior year.

Soccer Coach Kent Carter and the JCS Girls Soccer Team performing a drive phase technique drill designed to teach athletes how to position the body for explosive bursts of speed
JCS soccer athleres working on acceleration position

Coach, will professional speed training
help your team?

What if -- your team was two steps faster ?
How would this impact your season?

Our speed training for teams typically yields
a team average improvement of::
Football Teams -    One - Two steps faster  
Soccer Teams  -     Two - Three steps faster
Baseball Teams -   Two - Three steps faster

Basketball teams -  Two - Three steps faster

  40 SpeedApplies Speed Development Research

Researchers report: "Acceleration performance is important for athletes that need repeat sprint ability. Although acceleration is widely trained for, there is little evidence outlining the key factors. The aim of this study was to determine the kinematic differences between individuals with fast and slow acceleration.

Twenty athletes were tested and filmed for sprint ability over the first three steps of a 15m sprint and classified as fast or slow. Results: The fast group had significantly lower (11-13% slower) left and right foot contact times, increased stride frequency and better knee extension. However, there was no difference found in stride length.

Conclusion: Athletes who are naturally fast in early acceleration achieve this through reduced ground contact times resulting in an improved stride frequency. Training for improved acceleration should be directed towards using coaching instructions and drills that specifically train such movement adaptations."
Murphy, Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 2, 144-150)

JCS Soccer team learning acceleration position

"I "have had the pleasure of seeing first hand the techniques being taught at Speed Camp.
The emphasis is on speed development and its application for sports, even my daughter Claudia, age 11, has taken part. With the techniques being taught, you can begin to incorporate sprint training into your program and I guarantee that you will see results. After just a couple of sessions of applying stretching and learning correct running technique, I was able to break through a training plateau." - Ernie Rodriguez, Nashville. Ernie Rodriguez is the strength coach and personal trainer for nationally ranked boxers including heavyweight, Owen Beck.

Speed Camp Philosophy

"You have to figure out what makes your body accelerate; you have to move your body
down the track. I'm continuing to be adamant about figuring it out."
- Gail Devers, one of the greatest track athletes of all times.

Speed Camp participants will generally not race side-by-side. Drills are performed individually, typically in a line, back-to-back with individual coaching. With the exception of track, most sports do not experience side-by-side racing from equal positions.

Benchmark speed will be tested in 20, 40 and 60 yards, & the standing long jump. The goal is to improve speed, quickness and agility necessary for sports in a positive way that encourages every participant to improve.

Making fun of others WILL NOT be tolerated. Speed for Sports does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, disability, creed, national origin, or how fast you are when you start Speed Camp. We want you faster than when you came to us for training.

“You wouldn't think that a 6'6" 270 lb Offensive Lineman would have to worry about speed. However, football is all about speed; at every position.
Through Phil Campbell's guidance, I was able to improve my forty time to 4.9 seconds and this made me the fastest Offensive Tackle at many college camps.
I know that the speed techniques I've learned will help me block some fast defensive linemen."
Ryan Holifield

Speed  training for Offensive Linemen

Speed Development

Speed, agility, quickness development workouts are varied to achieve maximum results in the shortest amount of time. Workouts typically include exercises and drills involved in the major components of speed development; technique, acceleration, flexibility, quickness, power, strength, agility, mental focus, and benchmarking (methods to test improvement).

A key principle of Speed Camp; you can't train the body to move faster by training slow. It's simple; long slow running trains the body to run slow. One more time: Slow running teaches your body to be slow! Speed Camp training uses overspeed training to program the body and the brain to move fast

  Combines Pro Shuddle Drill
Matt Hewett, Dresden, TN and teammates running the Pro-Shuttle
(5-10-5) drill, one of the college and pro combine tests

How to Boost Competitive Performance

By moving away from outdated training routines such as traditional weight lifting for strength and selecting strength training specifically for sports, it’s easier than you may think to boost performance to previously unattainable levels. Long slow distance running only teaches the body to run slow. Even endurance athletes are using sprinting workouts to improve speed and endurance.

In a nutshell, 40 Speed.com will show you specific training methods that have the most impact on sport performances by increasing speed, acceleration, reaction, agility, and quickness.

Amazingly, many new breakthroughs in sports speed take years before they become widespread. Example: Scientific studies have shown that when individuals train their arm muscles at a specific angle, they achieve major gains in strength, but there are almost no improvements at other angles, even though exactly the same arm muscles are involved. And this does not help in most sports...well, arm wresting maybe.

When athletes go to the gym, for example, they usually focus on the traditional exercises that they’ve read about in magazines, and know how to do. These include traditional bench presses and squats. These exercises are great for developing general strength, but they won't help develop speed unless explosive-lifting techniques are applied to strength training. (If your school has a strength coach that uses explosive-lifts in sports training, consider yourself very fortunate). Muscles adapt, and lifting at the traditional tempo of up-on-two, down-on-four, will build strong slow-twitch fiber, but it takes strong fast-twitch muscle fiber to score touchdowns and win gold.

Basically, squatting makes you a better squatter. In test after test, squats do not help vertical jump. Squats build slow muscle fiber, which is positive since that's 40% of your "muscles." Plyometric drills and explosive lifting techniques build the fast (IIa) muscle fiber and the super-fast (IIx) muscle fiber.

To improve speed, specific exercises must be targeted at building all three muscle fiber types. So the combination of explosive squats (or leg press) followed by ten squat or lunge jumps with maximal effort do the job. Plyometric drills, and super-fast agility ladder drills will make muscle stronger and create the potential for significant gains in speed. This type of work, within the context of speed technique training, will make athletes faster.    More on developing muscle fiber types, click here.

Speed training for track athletes
Vermont sprinter, Mike Smith travels to Tennessee for speed technique training

Speed Technique

Running and acceleration techniques are fundamental skills taught by Speed Camp. Participants will learn techniques of how to start faster and how to master the drive phase (first 7 steps that include the start and transition) and how to maximize upright running (fly phase). And they'll learn techniques to run faster in the fly phase.
We'll show participants how the foot should land on the mid-foot and relatively lightly (with minimal noise). The lower leg and thigh should be swept backwards at the time of landing, creating an active striking action. The landing should be as close to the center of gravity (as close under the body) as possible. And the landing must avoid the increased braking effects which accompany an exaggerated forward reach of the foot by extending the heel. See more details about how to improve your 40 time, click here

Jerry Rice Jr. listens carefully to learn perfect technique for quick lateral movements - Meno Park, CA

Kata Speed & OverSpeed Training

"Kata Speed" is a term used in Speed Camp. The grand masters of martial arts have for years effectively taught katas (a slow-motion dance simulating actual fighting techniques) to train students in proper body positioning & movement. The technique of sprinting must be rehearsed correctly at kata speeds and then transferred to drills and runs at maximum speed that teach the brain and the muscles to run faster.

Plyometric drills will be performed to slightly exaggerate each phase of running and are typically performed in three phases; slow (for teaching), medium (for injury prevention), and very fast (to improve performance).

The brain/muscle connection and correct firing order of the motor units, (composed of brain motor nerves (neurons) and the group of muscles that it supplies), controls running speed. And the correct training process can improve, or limit, high frequency movements. The complex coordination and timing of the brain/muscle connection must be learned at kata speed and rehearsed at very high speeds to imprint the correct brain/muscle patterns. Note: A continuation of movements at slow speeds (jogging) will only program the brain and muscles to run slow.

Morgan and Jena Williams performing
Leg Drives to teach the body correct
positioning for drive phase acceleration

The Williams family, Royce, Jena, Morgan, Sandra, North Georgia travel for speed training to prepare Morgan and Jena for the coming track season


Acceleration techniques will be emphasized in Speed Camp training since most sports require fast acceleration for short distances. The Valsalva acceleration technique will be taught, and the acceleration ladder will be used in combination with other drills. 20 yard sprints and 40 year sprints will measure improvements in acceleration. Click here to see acceleration article by Phil Campbell

Flexibility Training

Flexibility work will be performed during workouts. However, flexibility improvement takes time. Homework assignments of 10-minutes 4 X week will be given for stretching the muscles necessary for increasing speed; hamstrings, hips, quads, Achilles, ankles, feet, back, shoulders, arms. Stretching is unpleasant to most (see the hand of the head gesture that proves that point), but absolutely necessary.
More info on the latest research on stretching, click here
Click here to see stretching article by Phil Campbell

Stretching homework assignments are give for 10-minutes four times a week

Performance Benchmarking

You'll be tested in almost every session to monitor your progress. This will help the coaches to enhance your strengths and strengthen weakness. Typically, 20, 40, and 60 yds, and the standing long jump will be used for benchmarking. There are many different methods of testing, but these basic measures provide will provide coach necessary starting benchmarks. See Speed Benchmarking form here.

              Measuring flexibility                                                  Timing the 40      

Quickness Drills

Quickness and speed are interrelated skills and must be developed in a coordinated fashion. Speed Camp workouts address these critical factors necessary for improved athletic performance.

Power Building Plyometrics

Power is strength in action and plyometric drills turn strength into power. This type of training teaches your muscles to generate more force and generate the force more quickly.
The goal is to develop more power. Plyometrics develops a high degree of strength in the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones, since the impact forces are usually higher than they are during regular workouts. Plyometric training also stretches muscles, tendons and ligaments vigorously, promoting greater elasticity and efficiency of movement. Many 15 yard plyometric drills performed in Speed Camp will begin with 5 yards at Kata speed to rehearse the correct movement; the following 5 yards will typically be "form runs" that teach correct form, and the final 5 yards will performed as a high-intensity plyometric drill. More information on plyometrics, click here

plyometric box jumps         jump drills to build power

Sports Specific Strength Training

This includes exercises that more closely imitate the biomechanics and motor patterns required for specific sports. This type of strength training is becoming increasingly popular in the sports speed training community because it provides ‘specific strength’ – more strength to carry out the actual movements needed in a particular sport.
Strength is different than power. Strength is how much you can bench press. Power is combining the bench press muscles and effectively pushing off an oncoming blocker with blinding fast bench press type movements. Strength is a fundamental base for power development, and E-Lifting techniques that build strength for sports will be explained.

Lowdnes County football athletes building speed strength with single leg jump lunges
Valdosta, Georgia athletes perform single-leg dumbbell squat jumps

Agility Drills

Agility development requires special equipment to develop quick feet and ankles. The agility ladder will be provided by Speed Camp for agility drills. This is a favorite for many participants. These drills build ankle and knee stability. And most will see improved coordination in only a few workouts. Agility training has a positive impact in other sports like Ms. Fitness competitions.

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Money back guarantee! It's simple, if you don't improve speed for your sport & you aren't 100% satisfied, payment will be refunded. Gift certificates available & credit cards accepted

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Individual & small group Training Rates

Rates for Phil Campbell's SPEED CRASH COURSE or his Speed /Strength training program, which includes basic and advanced speed techniques coupled with explosive strength training techniques in Jackson, TN or at the Riekes Center in Menlo Park, CA are: Three athletes = $400 each -- Individual & small group training includes two 2-hour sessions.

Call Kathy for openings
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Money back guarantee! It's simple, if you don't improve speed for your sport & you aren't 100% satisfied, payment will be refunded.

Gift certificates available & credit cards accepted.





Seen In:
Oprah's O Magazine features Phil Campbell's Sprint 8 cardio  program in a two-page cardio fitness article and on the cover as: The fastest-working workout


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The speed video is awesome!! Since it has arrived I have watched it 3 times and have taken 15 pgs of notes!! This weekend I will be mapping out a training schedule for my son. It is full of GREAT info and I pretty easy to follow. I have been coaching for 34 years at the elite level, water polo, rep soccer, as well as high school basketball. and I learned a lot of new info. Some things I knew, but the videos put a nice sequential order to things! Starting on Monday my son and I will be implementing ALL of what was presented!
- Dave Hobbs, Vancouver








"Consider yourself fortunate if you are within a day's drive of Jackson, Tennessee and want the best in advanced speed coaching. I am a nationally ranked masters sprinter and a speed coach myself at the University of Arkansas. I drive 8 hours for Phil Campbell's coaching and Speed Camp. The level of knowledge of speed technique and development is unsurpassed, and I know I can move to the next level and win international competitions with this instruction and training program design."- Dr. Mike Trexler Mike Trexler, Ph.D. Fitness & Nutrition and has appeared as a fitness expert on national TV programs with Katie Couric, Bryant Gumbel and Leza Gibbons. He is a nationally ranked age group sprinter (100 meters in 11.9).











































How to Run Your Fastest 40 EVER!

Speed Video
Click here for ordering info
$29.95 order here

Our Guarantee - If you don't run your fastest 40 ever after following our speed development program for 30 days, we'll give you a full refund. It's that simple!

We're so confident that you'll discover new speed skills the very first time you see this video, we'll offer this guarantee; if you don't get faster from new speed techniques like the Combine Start, the Valsalva Acceleration Technique (turbo gear) after seeing this video the very first time, send the video back and we'll give you a full refund for the retail purchase price.

You don't have anything to lose... ..but a few tenths
off your 40 time.

This offer applies only to videos purchased from Pristine Publishers on this Website.     

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